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How Childish are you ?

Yep, ask yourself, how childish are you ?

Your first reaction is to think ' I'm not chilidish!, I'm Adult-ish !'

Hear me out as I explain.

When we are born, we only have 2 fears , loud noises and heights and the rest of our experiences we learn from others or from trial and error , we may fall over when we learn to walk or crash our bike when we learn to ride.

Now we are older, we forget what we did to learn and we have learned to avoid new experiences because it hurt or was painful.

And we stop learning like a child and think like an adult, which stops us growing.

Here's something that we all can try.

Get a pencil or a pen and write down how many different uses you can find with it.

As adults, we average 20 different uses ( I for example when challenged, got ; writing, weapon, earwax remover, nose picker, pointer, drumstick and a few more, you can think of others right ?)

Now 20 is okay, however when children of 5-7 years are asked, they come up with 40 or more uses.

So, go back in time and pretend you're a child again and now pick up that pencil or pen and come up with different uses.

When I did that I got ; diving board for a small animal, totem pole for tiny American-Indian Tribespeople, maypole for mice to wrap ribbons around, javelin for tiny Olympic games and many more.

How did you do ?

So why is that useful for us as adults ?

Simple, we are living through the most extraordinary worldwide situation since the second world war or Spanish flu in the early 20th century and thinking differently, alternatively and yes childishly, will help us all get through this and move forward as betterer humans.

Did you know over 50% of companies are formed in a recession, because someone decided and thought differently and that's what we must do to survive together going forwards.

Bored at home , furloughed, Lost your job, made redundant?

Study, Volunteer, Write, Read, Learn a language, Call an old friend or family member, Amend your website or social media pages, Update your resume or CV, Cook new food, Clean your home, Tidy and clear out unwanted or old 'stuff' in your home, Tidy your garden, set up a community in your neighbourhood to look after each other and share ideas , Leave gifts on friends doorsteps, Write letters ( yep hand-written letters, remember them and how great it is to read an actual personal letter ? ) , Discover what makes you tick, What makes others tick or behave the way they do, to get a better understanding of others .

Or if you want to be childish about it, Learn to draw, To paint, Sit and daydream for 10 or 15 minutes, imagine yourself as a Knight or a Scientist or Inventor or Saviour of people, Dream you are stronger, faster, fitter, winning a sports event, Kissing that person you like, Starting a story with 'once upon a time' and finishing it with ' and they all lived happily ever after', Giggling with friends ( yes giggling, really childlike laughter and giggles)

Now, perhaps you begin to see possibilities where previously there were none, maybe a different career, job or path for you , possibly the partner you always wanted, the business you always wanted to start, the relationship you needed to re-start or re-kindle.

Now , lets be more childish shall we ?

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