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Kiss Your Ass(ets) ?

Have you ever felt you're not good enough or have not alot to offer.

Maybe you don't know what to do and need a boost.

Listening to Tony Robbins tell a story this week, he talks about your life balance sheet.

In Accounting there are assets and liabilities.

Liabilities generally are things that can drag you down.

Assets are what you have or can bring to your balance sheet.

Take yourself for example, if you are wondering what you can offer the world, get a blank piece of paper and make two columns

Assets and Liabilities, under Assets write all your assets.

For example:

You can read (this) in English

You can type in English and maybe other languages too

You have sight, to read this

You are alive and breathing

You live in a democracy where people in general are allowed to say what they feel

You either have had or have parents or children

You must have had an education

You have a phone, tablet or pc to read this

You had money to buy or lease the above

You have friends, Facebook friends, yet still friends

You are awake and reading this

Carry on writing all your assets and suddenly your Liabilities seem small.

Now, think of others in the world that have half or less of the above or .

Some struggle in their lives and some have taken the little assets they have and as immigrants or under-privileged people, taken their assets and grown them, to be successful.

Always remember what you bring to the world, you're better than you think and not as good as you will be.

Have a personally financial friendly day Re-Freshing people!

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