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Lonely, I am so lonely...

Many people struggle with loneliness and apparently today's generation of under 25's are reported to be the most lonely in recent memory.

And there's the dichotomy, where we or people we know say 'When I'm with friends I'll be happy' 'I'll be happy when I find someone' and 'Money makes me happy'

And there's the problem.

When I get someone or something or some stuff, I'll be happy.

Back in the day when I was single many years ago, I desperately wanted to be with someone.

So, I would go places where you could 'accidentally' meet people. So rather than pubs and clubs, I'd be in supermarkets or on the train or places where I could 'meet' women.

And it never worked and I'd end up being unhappy.

So, I learned to love my own company and time and space, it was difficult and at times lonely, but it was MY time, MY space.

And when I stopped looking and stopped searching, that's when I found someone.

So, learn to love your own time, your own space and your own company and you'll never be lonely again x

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