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Make your life more colourful

Todays Re-Freshing Idea.

I've read people on here complaining about colour backgrounds on social media or new re-branded items

Okay, interesting and you realise you have a choice ?

A. Turn off phone or B. Turn off reactions to it or C. Concentrate on the uncoloured outside world that's black and white (it isn't)

The simple point is, take a break, take a breath, take a moment.

Colour adds so much to our lives.

Colour defines many things, in Roman times the colour Purple was defined as being an Emperor or in High office.

Many of us used to have to 'sing a rainbow' at school.

When studying or remembering something, colours make a topic easier to recall.

Many Tourists, Commuters and Londoners would struggle with a black and white underground map.

Even grey has fifty shades, apparently.

The simple fact is , colours add variety and brightness to many lives and besides , if you find yourself complaining about colours, do you really want only black and white life ?

On this day, take a moment to seek colourful buildings, colourful language and colourful people in your life.

Or live in a monochrome world.

Your choice.

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