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Time Flies

You cannot, they fly so fast, was an old joke

that my mum said to me.

We have an interesting relationship with time.

Remember at school when the lessons dragged ? , it was Double Physics that always did it for me

( kids ask your parents what 'physics' was at school)

Then you're out with mates and time simply rushes by and before you know it , it's Midnight or 2 am or the next day if it's a really good night!

Now at work we have Time Management courses, on how to manage time.

Ok , here's the sad news.

You can't manage time, if you do, it ends managing you.

Like King Canute in his unsuccessful attempt to stop the waves of the sea, time goes on whether you want to or not.

So, want to learn how to work with time ?

Here's a couple of tips;

Have a 'to do' or 'to dont' list (are you fight or flight?) and always make it the day BEFORE and be realistic and where possible write it down , as the feeling of ticking off tasks , gives you a chemical good feeling called Dopamine.

Make sure your list is manageable, previously I used to give myself 20 tasks, have 5-7 meetings a day and regularly fail to complete them all, thus meaning instead of being happy at doing 15, I concentrated on the 5 I didn't.

Whatever you feel is a good number, be honest and realistic , then add one more, to stretch you out of a comfort zone.

I trust the above helps you today and it's a timely reminder to make friends with time instead of managing it.

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