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Why I struggle with Mental Health

Okay, lets start with the image I put here. I typed in 'Mental Health free image' and this was my fourth one that popped up. What's wrong with this pic ? Nothing, you may say , as its a perfect picture of what mental health can be to some people. Some people. People who are told that 'its okay not to be okay' or ' to open up about mental health issues'. That works for some people. As many who know me will testify, I'm not some people and I have had anger, anxiety, abuse, depression, a short fuse, reclusiveness, mood swings, frustration and many other stuff associated with Mental Health. I've also been ecstatic, happy, joyous, blissful, calm, relaxed, overjoyed, majestic and marvellous also. I like to use and expand my mind with words and despite tests that show that in conversation we only take on board words as 7% of total communication, the words we tell ourselves are so much more powerful than we realise. Look at the words we use and how we almost metaphorically and linguistically poke ourselves in the chest or eye or heart or... (choose where on the body you poke yourself). Of course it's okay not to be okay AND it's okay-er or more okay or betterer and okayer to be okay. Yeah, I realise linguists , lexicographers and word experts may be apoplectic with rage at the above words, sod it, my blog my rules. So back to well-meaning mental health phrases. It's like when companies say they are ethical or green or equal opportunities employer. Duhhh! Of course you should be and the fact you have to say it, tells you alot about their industry or previous ethics and values maybe! Also, how often have we discussed mental health and said ' do you know my mental health is excellent today!'? Perhaps we should talk about mental health in the positive or maybe hire a clever Ad Campaign to rebrand Mental Health, perhaps as Fukitoff or Betterself. I mean, if the health and beauty industry can come up with a new name for similar stuff every few months , then how about we rebrand Mental Health in the same way , maybe as MH20 'Hi, I'm Simon and with new MH20 with added fukitoff and improved betterself, my mind has never been so healthy'. "MH20 by Re-Fresh Coaching, because it's Betterer" Some people reading this may be smiling, some chuckling, others ready to backlash against it or possibly froth at the mouth. I cannot control what you, think, feel, say, post or type. I can control how I react to it, because I've practised it over the last few years. Perhaps by rewording what mental health is and practising saying it often enough, then we can associate it with the good part of our thinking instead of the other way ?

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