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Nostalgia aint what it used to be

As we enter a year, one that unlike the previous year, is filled possibly with even more hope and expectation than any of us can recall in living memory, we also tend to look back on stuff that happened.

2020 was , shall we call it an extraordinary year ? Where all our lives were changed, for better , worse or simply gave us opportunities to re-evaluate what in our lives we previously had thought was important, now maybe less so.

And many harp on or wistfully look back on our lives pre 2020, perhaps even further back and with spectacles that maybe are a little rose tinted, imagine life was simpler when we were younger.

We may comment, complain, moan or converse as to how things have changed, maybe for the better and how we wish that things would stay the same and not change so we could recreate our younger years.

I'm subscribed to a Facebook page based on where I used to live.

It's full of old pictures and characters and buildings from my youth.

People comment about ' I remember this and I wish it was like that and isn't it a shame and why cant we go back to whenever or stop the world I want to get off ', etc.

Well, brace yourselves people for today's enlightenment.

We NEVER stay still and neither does life.

We've grown up in size We've changed clothes We've adopted new musical ideas We've moved geographically We've changed jobs We've changed partners

We've got bigger or smaller homes

We've got more or less money

We've gained or lost friends

We've possibly added to the family or they have grown themselves and left

Stop wishing for your old life and stuff back as it's the past...that's the bad news.

Now the good news.

For all the fab fun great wonderful awesome memories., are all in your mind, simply turn up the colours, the sounds, and the feelings to get them back.

Plus, if the world stops., we would all fall off anyway.

Have a day, week, month, year ,life of nice nostalgia and a fab future you fantastic folks and folkettes

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