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Stop The World I Wanna Get Off!

I'm subscribed to a Facebook page based on where I used to live. and it's full of old pictures and characters and buildings from my youth.

People comment about ' I remember this and I wish it was like that and isn't it a shame etc...etc'

Well..brace yourselves people for Sundays enlightenment.

We NEVER stay still and neither does life.

We've grown up in size We've changed clothes We've adopted new musical ideas We've moved geographically We've changed jobs We've changed partners

Stop wishing for your old life and stuff back as it's the past, that's the bad news.

Now the good news.

All the fab fun great wonderful awesome memories, are all in your mind.

You simply turn up the colour the sounds and the feelings to get em back.#

Plus...if the world stops...we'll all fall off anyway.

Have a Sunday of nice nostalgia and a fab future you fantastic reader

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