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Stop Trying so much

Give up trying.

Go up to a chair and try to lift it and then go up to a chair and try not to lift it

You'll fail both times as you will either Yes lift it or No not lift it as it is impossible to 'try to lift a chair'

Or how many times do you hear yourself saying ' i'll try that' and you know that you probably won't, or you hear someone else say to your invitation ' I'll try to come' and you know they won't.

So stop saying you'll try to do something and save yourself and others by either doing it or doing something else or not doing it.

As that famous philosopher Yoda said ' Do or Do Not, there is no Try'

Me...I've given up trying...I'm striving or attempting or not.

It means going forwards no matter what speed or pace and doing something.

So I offer you the opportunity to change your words to change your outcomes and stop 'trying' and start ' attempting' and maybe 'succeeding' ?

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