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Today's Re-Freshing thought; Tecnofobe or love ?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I love pretty much most technology. Yes even when it ceases to work.

Take a moment to think.

When you have a smart phone, you have something over a million times more powerful and a thousand times smaller than computers of 40 years ago.

I can sit in bed and converse with friends in Europe and relatives in Canada and Australia simultaneously.

Many of my worldwide friends I keep in touch with on here.

I can share my thoughts , ideas and offerings to thousands of people via social media.

My last two jobs have been due to the internet.

I can bank, video, look up sports results, order food, check travel times, decide on holiday venues, book car hire and flights on this small device in my hand.


It will never replace the laughter between colleagues and friends, the hugs between relatives and close buddies and the kiss from loved ones.

Technology is wonderful and how we choose to use it is our choice and we must recognise when humanity will always be betterer than technology.

I wish you a day of blended technology and humanity my friends

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