About Re-Fresh Coaching

We believe the word Re-Fresh sums up our philosophy:

We Re-Fresh our computers when they don't work, we Re-Fresh our bodies when we feel tired and we Re-Fresh our memories when we forget or need Re-minding. 

So, we thought... how about we apply the same to our minds and thoughts? And Re-Fresh Coaching was born.


Founded on the principle that everyone is pretty much OK most of the time, we believe most people only Re-quire a gentle nudge in the right direction. A little like a twig getting caught in the rushes of a flowing river.


We offer you insight into different and diverse ways of thinking, taking you on a journey to discover a betterer version of yourself.

Whether you prefer group sessions, one-to-one coaching or our fabulous one-week Re-Fresh in beautiful Sardinia, let your journey begin here...


Re-Fresh Coaching 


Re-Group (our workshops)

Joining a Re-Fresh workshop is a great way to Re-define your thinking and recognise how your thoughts and actions are influenced by, well, YOU! 


We hold our workshops on alternate Saturdays at Foxes' Den Community Café, (Binfield Parish Council), Benetfeld Road, Binfield, Berkshire, RG42 4EW.

From 10am until 12 midday

£12 per person


The next workshops are:

We are taking a short summer break.

Our next workshops are:

Saturday 2 November 2019

Saturday 16 November 2019

Saturday 30 November 2019

If you would like to attend one of these, please contact us.

If you are interested in attending and are unable to make a Saturday, let us know and we will inform you when we are running another workshop at other times.


Re-Discover Yourself (1-2-1 Coaching)

We believe that Re-Fresh coaching is a fantastic way to Re-define yourself, Re-boot your brain and assist you to Re-solve those blocks in your thinking.

Many think that coaching is only for Sports or Business... yet when they have 2 hours of a Re-Fresh coaching experience, many have a shift, change or transformation in their thinking that can definitely be life changing.

Think of the time, effort and energy you have used in the past on anxiety, worry or  stress.

How much has this cost you in time and money?


The good news is, there are solutions and options that are available to you. You may simply require some Re-direction.


We offer a minimum 2-hour first session, so we can get to know you and how you would like to invest in yourself.

Please contact us for more information or to book a consultation.





We invite you to join us for our Re-Fresh in the beautiful Gallura region of Northern Sardinia, Italy.

Why Re-Fresh? Well, Re-treat by definition means to go back or withdraw. We believe in moving forwards.

People often attend retreats to get away from it all and find themselves. In reality, it's their thoughts, minds and consciousness that they are trying to get away from.

We believe some of the most productive and innovative ideas come to us when we are on holiday. We can Re-define our lives, Re-evaluate ourselves and Re-awaken our passions. All too often, these feelings disappear soon after returning home.

What if you could maintain these thoughts and feelings for the whole of the year?

And so, we came up with the concept of the Re-Fresh:

the holiday for your mind and body.

Our next Re-Fresh:

April/May 2020 and September/October 2020

(dates to be confirmed)

cost £997 per person

(not including flights, transfers or accommodation and meals)



Please use the contact form below for more details and

to book your place.


Re-views & Re-commendations


Re-Connect (Contact Us)

email: simon.robson@re-freshcoaching.com

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