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Acceptable Behaviour ?

I work in business , also with businesses and it always makes wonder how people become so accepting of stuff.

Case in point this week 2 years ago, as I am reminded.

A couple of clients had made a commitment to agree something with me by a certain date.

When we come to the agreement, they've decided they had other stuff to do and 'would get back to me in the new year'

Further questions from me asking for specific time frames ends up with them getting prickly about me being pushy.

So they have missed their own deadline they had committed to me and don't have a specific date in mind when they'll decide.

Both are large multinational companies and I find it an interesting concept, that as many companies get bigger ,the lack of values and ethics rises.

How many of us are guilty of saying ;

' I'll get back to you' ' Have it for you next day/week/month/year' 'Its on my to do list'

You are being lead by events, rather than taking control of the event.

Imagine saying to your family and friends

' Kids I'll have Christmas presents for you soon' 'I'll have dinner ready tomorrow/this week/month/year' 'Darling, our marriage is on my to do list'

So, as your work years are winding down, maybe take a look at your jobs and take more ownership and control of your role and be as committed at work as you are at rest or play.

And funnily enough , you enjoy your work more, leaving you more time for rest and play.

Your choice Facebookers x

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