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I'm scared mummy!

Okay if you're a mum, you've probably heard this.

If you remember saying this, well done, as the event was generally after a nightmare and it was something scary or horrible.

Mine involved Dracula for some reason and you know what ?

They were dreams, simply dreams, only we chose to build them up to something bigger and make ourselves worried or scared or nervous.

My Dracula solution ,involved me having to have all myself under my quilt (duvets weren't invented until the 1980's right ? ), within my count (geddit!) of ten, after I'd turned the light off in my bedroom.

How silly and childish is that ?

Fortunately, none of us as adults have any superstitious ideas or thoughts or irrational fears now, right ?...right ?

Most scared feelings or phobias is a ,is building up demons or monsters or situations in your own mind.

Guess what ?

Rarely do they play out in real life like they do in your mind.

Take the picture below.

Do you see a scary, lethal, terrible spider or a lovely coloured example of natures wonderful creatures ?

When, in fact it is a set of pixels arranged in different colours and shapes to resemble a shape of a spider

So dear readers, what in your mind scares you, that you can realistically do for real ?

You have a choice.

Live with your fears trapped in your head or Live with your fears outside your head and watch them fly off as soon as they're freed and you're free ?

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