One moment(um) in time..

Ok, hands up whose now got a Whitney Houston song and voice in their head ?

There's a YouTube video I was shown about two years ago.

It shows a guy at a music festival, dancing his arse off like a wild thing, whilst others watch and after a minute, someone joins him and dances like an idiot too.

Then another and another and another​ and pretty soon there's loads of people dancing with this guy and only a handful have not joined in.

The commentary on the video, explains that a movement is not started by the first person.

It's started by the second person, then the third, the fourth and so on.

Now most of my life, I've been part of the handful that is still sitting down when the majority are dancing wildly, with that little voice saying ' don't make a fool of yourself' or 'careful now it may be a trap' or 'maybe I'll join in later'.

In marketing there's a product life cycle, which is the life of a product or service basically.

There's your Innovators, who buy the item at its most expensive, because they want to be the first to buy everything.

Then there's the early adopters, who see something new and wait or ask someone whose experienced or bought it first, before buying it.

Then you get the early majority and late majority, who create demand and momentum for the product when they buy it.

Finally you get the laggards, who are the last to buy something, as they maybe want to hold on to the past or their memories and are the last to buy something ' new fangled'

Now, I've been sat on a hill watching others move forward and dancing wildly in life and I've probably been at best, early or late majority in buying and doing stuff.

That was then.

Now I want to learn, to thrive, to move forward, to experience 'stuff' I want, with people I want and it's bloody difficult.

People who you see as friends, will drift away or tell you that ' you're different' or 'you've changed'

God I hope so.

So, readers , will you stay on the sidelines, complaining, waiting, being afraid of stuff , or you fancy dancing wildly ?

You know what to do.

Welcome to your 'dance your ass off' day ,good people !

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